Which is better – Facebook or Twitter and Why?

Social networks have become an ardent part of our lives, as every individual, be it an adult or a teenager is now on social networking sites. There are a number of social networking sites that are easily used by the citizens of this world. The two most popular social networking sites that are used by billions of users are Facebook and Twitter. Both Facebook and Twitter have millions and billions of people as their users. They all have made accounts with the networking sites and us the easy entertainment and services provided by the sites for various different favorable reasons.

How does Facebook work?

Facebook is platform that connects you to your friends, families, colleagues and so many other strangers all over the world. It aims at building a big and unified community and brings together people from all the different countries, and makes them the citizen’s one unified world. Not only does Facebook play the role of an immaculate communication platform through which you can be in the lives of your near and dear ones, though thousands of KMs away, but it also plays the role of a great platform for promoting the products and services of different brands as well as young entrepreneurs.

How does Twitter work?

Twitter is the second most popular social networking site after Facebook and has a huge number of users, almost similar to that of Facebook. It provides a more one way sort of a communication, where from you can depict your thoughts and opinions that may or may not concern a specific topic to the world, in this case your followers. The followers are the people who intrigued by your tweets (i.e. your posts) start following them, and thereafter post their feed backs in lieu of your tweets. This is an interesting platform that you can strategically use to update your followers about the latest happenings in your business front and in this way may build brand equity and a larger customer base.

Comparison between Facebook and Twitter:

Both Facebook and Twitter are benefitting platforms both to increase your socializing skills as well to assist with your band equity building errand. These social networks form a great provision for communicating directly with the consumer and help build a satisfactory customer- seller relationship. Now on the question that which is better, only one point of distinction can be mentioned. Facebook allows direct means of conversation by the means of chat messaging or video chat, which Twitter does not allow. This makes Facebook better than Twitter.

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